Zio & Sons is a creative firm and visual lifestyle brand based in New York City and Hudson NY.  We use our client-driven approach to product, content development and creative direction to help our clients connect to their target consumers and achieve success. We creatively use social and digital channels for client collaborations and deliver a big-brand presence, with a personalized, boutique feel for each project we undertake. Our innovative strategies result in happy clients and powerful brand experiences that allows clients to achieve a one-of-a-kind end result.  

Finely tuned curation, a granular eye for detail, and a devotion to texture and craftsmanship is how we approach every single project.




Zio & Sons was founded in 2009 by Anthony D’Argenzio, a Manhattan-based creative and visual strategist originally from Northern California. Anthony’s foundation in styling and home decor helped shape his unique approach and is the cornerstone of his hallmark aesthetic -- one that embraces vintage, timeless design with a creative, modern twist.

Anthony is passionate about detail-driven craftsmanship, inspirational travel and unique architecture. His mix of Old and New World finds, along with his contemporary approach has made Anthony a sought-after sought-after partner in the home, design, and travel spheres.

In 2018, Country Living magazine named Anthony one of “The Country’s 100 Most Creative People.